Welcome to Miranda’s Eye Photography

Walls blank? Need something to hang on them? Want to impress your friends with you cool but affordable art collection? Well you have come to the right place!

Welcome to Miranda’s Eye Photography

New Photography is posted weekly so there is always something new. All items can be bought at:


To purchase simply click on the image you wish to buy, then on the right hand side click on one of the icons under Buy this Print. Based on framing and size you will get a preview price. Then click add to cart, follow that that jazz and after that you will have bought yourself or loved ones a very cool piece of Art.


For those of you who might live in the Columbus, OH area I do offer family, and child photography sessions

     From 1yr to Senior pictures.

Please contact me here (comments will be made private) or at mirandawoosley@yahoo.com and we can discuss pricing.

**All work is done by me unless otherwise stated, PLEASE do not take these photos and claim as your own, if you like the work PLEASE buy it, don’t steal**



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